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Steve Roach


The Ministry of Inside Things

Live at

The Gathering

June 28th, 1996

Houston Hall Auditorium
3417 Spruce Street in Philadelphia, PA

Graphic of Steve Roach by Jeff Towne

Steve Roach (Graphic by Misc Media)

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Steve Roach

Steve Roach

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Review: The Gathering with Steve Roach, The Ministry of Inside Things (Chuck Van Zyl and Peter Gulch), ambient DJ Jeff ("Echoes") Towne

While the highlight of Chicago's Projekt Festival was the atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the young crowd, the highlight of Steve's first Philadelphia show in 10 years was the music. Almost everyone in the audience was familiar with Steve's music, and most of them were listeners of Chuck Van Zyl's weekly space/ambient radio show STAR'S END. Getting over a cold, I didn't mingle with the crowd as much as I would have liked, but I did meet several nice people. The demographics here were more like what I would have expected for such a concert: 30's and 40's, mostly white. Quite a contrast to the where-can-I-get-a-fake-ID Projekt crowd.

The smart folks brought pillows and blankets to sit on; the rest of us endured uncomfortable folding chairs. After a surprisingly good (but too short) set from Chuck van Zyl and ex-Nightcrawlers' Peter Gulch (which I would compare to Tangerine Dream if every other synth group weren't already compared to them!), Steve came out with his didgeridoo, and began the show as he did in Chicago. There, the crowd was largely unfamiliar with Steve's music, so he held back on some of the quieter pieces. Here in Philadelphia, however, the opposite was true, and there was a varied mix of the loud and rhythmic, with the quieter pieces. The balance couldn't have been more perfect; just as the frenetic rhythms became overwhelming, the music backed off and breathed. Then, once people had zoned off into their private worlds, the music picked up again.

The Gathering crowd came for the music and the experience, not just to be entertained. Therefore the lighting was minimal, and no one seemed to mind that a slide show of ambient images didn't go off as planned. The music, and the sensation of drifting into and out of The Zone, were unforgettable.

by Cliff Tuel - July 1996

Peter Gulch and Chuck van Zyl

The Ministry of Inside Things

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The Gatherings Anthology CD Includes "New Planet Passage" by Steve Roach, excerpted from his Performance at the 28 June 1996 Gathering in Philadelphia

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The Gatherings Anthology CD Includes "While The Rest Of The World Sleeps" by The Ministry of Inside Things, excerpted from their Performance at the 28 June 1996 Gathering in Philadelphia

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