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Tom Heasley


Spectral Voices

Live at

The Gatherings Concert Series

15 September 2001

St. Mary's Hamilton Village
Philadelphia, PA

Spectral Voices   Spectral Voices

Spectral Voices (Alan Dow & Jim Cole)

Review: The Gatherings with Tom Heasley and Spectral Voices (Sanctuary)

The understandably sparse assemblage gathered at St. Mary's Hamilton Village earlier this evening was offered a pair of quietly consoling performances by Spectral Voices and Tom Heasley.

Spectral Voices consisted of only Jim Cole and Alan Dow tonight. The pair sat side by side at stage front, illuminated by a single candlelight. For an hour, solemn harmonies by Jim and Alan fared us to levels of such emotional depths that relating these layers of profoundness in words is simply impossible to do. To hear such beauty resounding from the human voice, expressions unheard of in hope and sorrow, in such a time of need made us realize we were all under a spell of serendipity.

Tom Heasley's set consisted of two extended improvised pieces. Both explorations were soft, minimalistic and hypnotic. I've never witnessed a piece of music which engaged so well with a light display as did his first. Cascading colors flowed into a vortex behind the stage, vividly enhancing St. Mary's altar, before disappearing as if into a black hole. Heasley's musical sculptures flowed magically with the display of lights, an entwined expression of infinity and endlessness. Something tells me that I was not the only person tonight moved to tears by these somnolent moments of poignancy.

St. Mary's was silently still as we approached her tonight, representing a haven of peace and a hope of understanding. Chuck, the poem you recited during tonight's outset were some of most appropriate and beautifully assembled tidings I have ever heard. The artists tonight were no doubt affected by the recent tragic events. Pure emotion resonated from the inspired fires of creativity all evening long.No one should ever question the value of what the musicians of this genre offer to us and each other. My personal thanks to Chuck, Jeff Towne and Art Cohen, plus Mr Cole, Mr Dow and Mr Heasley... for helping make things real again.

by soma611 As Posted To The Spacelist: Sun 16 Sept 2001

Time Travel

Ribbon of asphalt stretching out
like a crack in the crusted surface of time
through which I slip into the past.
An autopilot journey through time.
Mountains rise up like undulating waves
like the waves of memory
that crash over me with each passing mile.
Names, faces, voices, memories and oft told tales
streak like vapor trails through the years.
Unseen but unforgotten friends linger like shadows,
like spectres floating amongst our gathering.
Spectral voices hide within
the murmer beneath the quiet.

S. Webster

Tom Heasley   Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley   Tom Heasley

Tom Heasley


All Photos by Bill Forcier


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