2022 Season

The Gatherings Eventbrite

The Gatherings Concert Series returned in 2022 with two in-person events
and one real-time live-stream
to mark the 30th Anniversary of our first concert!

Private Sea Private Sea w/Orbital Decay - 10 December 2022

In their interrogation of atmosphere, the electronic duo of Private Sea commands the sound, the weight, taste and texture of synthesized tones. From fuming, vigorous and urging, down to the softest susurration of truthful timbral rumination, Alex Mitchell and Ryan Todd navigate between Spacemusic's tidal drone zones and ethereal washes, on up to a lively braindance of melody, rhythm and pulse.

Orbital Decay Listening to the music of Orbital Decay one would believe that digital synthesizers had never been invented. Existing on a plane outside the oppressive rush of modernity, their work quotes the classics of Spacemusic without mimicking them. Synthesist Terry Furber and guitarist Scott Watkins demonstrate a masterful grasp of the vintage gear around which the spacemusic genre gravitates and explore the past in a new way.

Private Sea w/Orbital Decay performed live at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 10 December 2022 at St Mary's Hamilton Village in Philadelphia

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Vic Hennegan RESCHEDULED: Vic Hennegan w/Huron - 5 November 2022

Vic Hennegan is part of a brotherhood that spans continents and centuries. His innovative works trace a through line from the birth of synthesizers to today's rock/pop tinged global grooves. Performing with the confidence of the musically well-traveled Hennegan mixes his experiences into vivid sonic statements. Creamy synth leads buzz, hum and unfurl in a meandering ribbon of notes as a mechanistic patterns motor away in the reverent soundspace. While body swaying sensuous beats magically morph into a staccato arpeggio of echoing electro-blips, breathy harmonies and glittering effects advance and recede. In these cosmic chronicles we find Hennegan's exuberance is contagious - as his music aims to heighten our sensitivities and common yearnings for a better world.

Johnny Lancia Johnny Lancia realizes blissed-out ambient works and concerts under the name Huron. His music is filled with heady drones and intriguing rhythms that reflect the natural world - filtered through a variety of modular synthesizers, analog electronics and delay manipulation processes.

Vic Hennegan w/Huron performed at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 5 November 2022 at St Mary's Hamilton Village in Philadelphia..

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Staer - Powserati - Huron Live Streamed Concert with ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron
(Donor Event) - 23 April 2022

On 23 April 2022 a circle of CIMA of PA donors assembled in the church sanctuary of St Mary's Hamilton Village for an intimate Live Streamed Concert with emerging Electronic Musicians: ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron.

For well over two hours our virtual and in-person attendees witnessed a live recital of Spacemusic involving a range of references and techniques. Energized equally by the pulse of the Berlin-School and the hope of the New Age, the remarkable setting and welcoming audience brought out substantial, expressive and meaningful concert performances from these three artists.

ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron performed live at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 23 April 2022.

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The Gatherings Concert Series is presented by the all-volunteer staff of The Corporation for Innovative Music and Arts of Pennsylvania