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ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron


The Gatherings Concert Series

Donor Concert - Live Stream

Saturday 23 April 2022 8:00PM


St. Mary's Hamilton Village
3916 Locust Walk in Philadelphia, PA


Staer - Powserati - Huron Live Streamed Concert with ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron - Donor Event

On 23 April 2022 a circle of CIMA of PA donors assembled in the church sanctuary of St Mary's Hamilton Village for an intimate Live Streamed Concert with emerging Electronic Musicians: ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron.

Following prescribed Health and Safety Protocols, for well over two hours our virtual and in-person attendees witnessed a live recital of Spacemusic involving a range of references and techniques. Energized equally by the pulse of the Berlin-School and the hope of the New Age, the remarkable setting and welcoming audience brought out substantial, expressive and meaningful concert performances from these three artists.

ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron at The Gatherings streamed live over Youtube on Saturday 23 April 2022 at 8PM (eastern USA).

ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron Youtube Live Stream Saturday 23 April 2022
Donor Concert/Live Stream - Complete Performance



ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron Concert Highlights Saturday 23 April 2022


Staer ST∆ER

ST∆ER is the Electronic Musician Ian R Staer. In the juxtaposition of spare acoustic piano melodies with analog synthesizer textures he conjures beautiful, stark aural landscapes from a concise tonal vocabulary. Fully and effectively imagined, his work opens up a warm and beautiful space, then moves slowly through the fully formed musical environment.

Powserati Powserati

Performing here under the name Powserati, rhythm scholar, producer and Electronic Musician Christopher Powell realizes a subdued improvised sequencer set using a small modular synthesizer system. Tones tumble forth, grooves break out, and patterns motor on in a minimalist dream of serene sonic beauty.

Huron Huron

Johnny Lancia realizes blissed-out ambient works and concerts under the name Huron. His music is filled with heady drones and intriguing rhythms that reflect the natural world - filtered through a variety of modular synthesizers, analog electronics and delay manipulation processes.




Huron (Johnny Lancia)




Powserati (Chris Powell)




ST∆ER (Ian Staer)

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Concert Photos by Jeff Towne and Chuck van Zyl

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The Gatherings 23 April 2022 presents the complete performances by ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron. Their realizations were made live, in the moment, before an enthusiastic, informed audience. As these conditions are known for revealing the creative spark, we find the musician and their listeners (both present and online) experiencing this extraordinary music while in the act of it being made.

Proceeds from the sale of The Gatherings 23 April 2022 go to support the efforts of CIMA of PA, the IRS recognized, non-profit, all-volunteer organization which oversees The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia.

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The Gatherings Special Thanks to The Gatherings Circle:

  • Joe Aliberti
  • Ernest Allen
  • Ken Anderson
  • Matt Bell
  • Sam Benigno
  • Chaka Benson
  • Loïc Darques
  • Mark Dodd
  • Matt Fetting
  • Anne Graham
  • Charles Javallas
  • John Keeney
  • Barb Knabb
  • Don Knabb
  • Andy Kociuba
  • Mike Manton
  • Bruce Miller
  • Alex Mitchell
  • Jim Nahill
  • Phillip O'Brien
  • Stephanie
  • Ryan Todd
  • Mark Wolverton

Their support was essential in producing our special event

CIMA of PA CIMA of PA - The Corporation for Innovative Music and Arts of Pennsylvania

ST∆ER - Powserati - Huron at The Gatherings Concert Series on 23 April 2022 was funded by CIMA of PA (The Corporation for Innovative Music and Arts of Pennsylvania), the all-volunteer, non-profit organization responsible for organizing and producing The Gatherings Concert Series. The basic mission of CIMA of PA is to bring innovative music concerts to the public and further the advancement of this form of art.

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The Gatherings Concert Series is presented by the all-volunteer staff of The Corporation for Innovative Music and Arts of Pennsylvania