2020 Season

The Gatherings

After updates from St. Mary's Hamilton Village outlining prohibitions by both The University of Pennsylvania and The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania we find that our 2020 season must be postponed. This conclusion is quite saddening - as such a great concerts were planned - but it is now found in the best interest of all to avoid such assemblies.

Let's hope that our efforts toward suppressing the COVID-19 pandemic will have the desired effect. Please share this post with your contacts so that others may know of our news, and go safely... and check back for news and updates...

Thanks for your attention and support.

Chuck van ZylPOSTPONED: Chuck van Zyl + Vic Hennegan - 21 March 2020

A musician of the imagination Chuck van Zyl provides concerts of epic intimacy in a digital age. With over 30 years experience he has learned that the possibilities of Electronic Music make it the perfect tool for exploring spontaneous composition. Taking each member of the audience on their own personal journey the music reaches toward the unseen depths within us all. With its deep space gateways and Berlin-School sequencer breakdowns on down to quietly consuming dark fields, his music invites wonder. Whether channeled from the astral plane, or merely the transformation of electricity into sound, concerts by Chuck van Zyl are for those seeking a deeper examination of texture and atmosphere. Anyone in love with Spacemusic and its very specific poetry will want to attend this event.

Vic Hennegan Vic Hennegan is part of a brotherhood that spans continents and centuries. His innovative works trace a through line from the birth of synthesizers to today's rock/pop tinged global grooves. Performing with the confidence of the musically well-traveled Hennegan mixes his experiences into vivid sonic statements. Creamy synth leads buzz, hum and unfurl in a meandering ribbon of notes as a mechanistic patterns motor away in the reverent soundspace. While body swaying sensuous beats magically morph into a staccato arpeggio of echoing electro-blips, breathy harmonies and glittering effects advance and recede. In these cosmic chronicles we find Hennegan's exuberance is contagious - as his music aims to heighten our sensitivities and common yearnings for a better world.

The Chuck van Zyl plus Vic Hennegan co-headlining Free Admission event at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 21 March 2020 has been postponed. Please check back for updates. Thanks!

Concert Announcement POSTPONED

Jeff Pearce POSTPONED: Jeff Pearce + Bob Holroyd - 2 May 2020

Each silvery string on Jeff Pearce's electric guitar has a story to tell. Through the clever use of loop pedals, long echoes and the splitting and shifting of sonics a dreamy cloud of harmony is realized - yet always with a few tones left lurking in a vast darkness. Trembling with emotion, the music conveys a timeless yearning.

Bob Holroyd Ambient composer Bob Holroyd and visual artist Patrick Dunn collaborate to create an immersive and innovative audio visual experience, blending atmospheric cinematic soundscapes with beautiful abstract video projections. With its subtly heightened, finely focused energies flowing through every moment, their live concerts decorate our condition with music and light.

The Jeff Pearce plus Bob Holroyd co-headlining event at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 2 May 2020 has been postponed. Please check back for updates. Thanks!

Concert Announcement POSTPONED

AirSculpture POSTPONED: AirSculpture - 31 October 2020

Consisting of Adrian Beasley, John Christian and Peter Ruczynski, AirSculpture has been using concert spaces to facilitate electronic experimentation since their first live event in September of 1995. Over the years this UK trio have found that the atmosphere of the venue, the attention of the audience and several other immeasurable factors, have a significant affect on the interaction between players and acts as a fuel for their performances. The dynamics and energy of each realization is controlled by a blend of digital technology and analogue control; the music benefiting through the immediate and tactile interface with the gear and with each other. It is this relationship and experience which allows AirSculpture to create spontaneous and effective electronic realizations in the live environment.

The AirSculpture event at The Gatherings Concert Series on 31 October 2020 has been postponed. Please check back for updates. Thanks!

Concert Announcement POSTPONED

Slow Meadow POSTPONED: Slow Meadow with Huron - 21 November 2020

Matthew Kidd is a defector from the mainstream. Wishing to no longer follow its rules, he takes his Ambient Chamber Ensemble Slow Meadow into a more open realm. The dreamy mix of gentling fuzzing guitars, shape-shifting digital breaths and skeletal string backdrops emerge out of a subtly attuned intelligence - and causes the listening mind of the audience to hush and fall in line with a serene, slower pace. In sonorous glimpses of delicacy and intimacy Slow Meadow presents consonant textures beneath a hope-tinged atmosphere. Fundamental in these compositions is the idea that people are reachable, that beauty and music can make a difference. With such an expansive promise, this work seems inexhaustible.

Opening for Slow Meadow was to be the Electronic Musician Huron

The Slow Meadow with Huron event at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 21 November 2020 has been postponed. Please check back for updates. Thanks!.

Concert Announcement POSTPONED


Please check back for updates!


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