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The Gatherings 2013

Steve Moore w/Charles Cohen - 13 April 2013

Steve Moore's music moves from big synthesizer proclamations to small sequencer dances, yet maintains a natural flow throughout. Building larger cycles from smaller ones the musical energy surges along interlocking lines of notes and patterns - its mechanized echo rumbling and churning like a well-tuned engine. Elevated lead lines and effect soaked chords deepen Moore's sound. With style and assurance his surpassing artistry and emotional heat holds us in its grip. Steve Moore's CD Light Echoes (2012 Cuneiform) has received substantial airplay on STAR'S END. Working a strange and marvelous spell we hear its detailed and fluid movement with our heads, but the music reaches far into our minds.

Steve Moore made his Philadelphia concert debut at The Gatherings Concert Series on 13 April 2013. Local Electronic Musician Charles Cohen opened.

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Steve Moore

Steve Moore

Radio Massacre International

Radio Massacre International

Radio Massacre International - 18 May 2013

Radio Massacre International is a trio of English musicians (Steve Dinsdale, Duncan Goddard, Gary Houghton) known for extended concerts of epic aural excursions. Performances are largely improvised and veer off into areas dictated by mood, circumstance or whim. RMI's recorded output reflects the diversity and complexity of this work, which is often compared to that of the Berlin-School of cosmic music. But this trio is not simply re-creating the music of this era, rather they further explore and contemplate the expressional mode and the instruments that made it possible - in the hope of realizing new ideas.

Radio Massacre International returned to The Gatherings Concert Series on 18 May 2013.

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Vic Hennegan + Dave Luxton - 19 October 2013

Three Spacemusic acts from different parts of the USA converge in Philadelphia as a benefit concert for The Gatherings Concert Series

Vic Hennegan's compositions combine influences from the worlds of Prog, Techno, New Age, Ambient, Space, Electronic and World Music into a most distinctive work. He creates techno-trance and ambient music as an expression of his spirituality. From spellbinding anthems to passages of intimate revelations, the music hits deep.

Dave Luxton uses synth string chord progressions, slow ethereal melodies, swelling drones and sparkling spacey modulations to create a wondrous cosmic atmosphere. From digital elysium to a somber sense of the elegiac, his music is an encounter with secrets from the treasurehouse of stars.

Vic Hennegan returned as Dave Luxton made his Philadelphia concert debut at The Gatherings Concert Series on 19 October 2013. Matt Borghi & Michael Teager made their Philadelphia debut as a duo with an opening set.

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Vic Hennegan Dave Luxton

Saul Stokes

Saul Stokes

Saul Stokes w/Delicate Monster - 16 November 2013


Saul Stokes is recognized as one of the leading voices in modern Electronic Music. Described as "fresh and inventive", Stokes brings together elements of Space, Ambient, Industrial and Intelligent-Techno and forges a sound uniquely his own. The immediacy of the live setting brings out Stokes' talent for creating floating spacemusic. Using unique, self-designed and constructed electronic instruments, he effortlessly conjures up completely improvised electronic soundscapes. Local innovative music duo Delicate Monster opened.

Saul Stokes returned to Philadelphia and The Gatherings Concert Series on 16 November 2013. Thanks to Evertone who made a donation!

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