2003 Season

Vir Unis + James JohnsonVir Unis and James Johnson have each performed at The Gatherings series before, as solo artists. At their concert here in Philadelphia on 12 April, they played together as a duo and presented pulse and textural music much in the vein of their triple CD: Perimeter II - which was released at this concert. Following the public performance, Vir Unis + James Johnson played on into the night, for the full five hours, live on STAR'S END Ambient Radio.

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Vir Unis + James Johnson

MMPMC Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. first played Philadelphia in October of 1978 - back when people would travel many miles just to see a synthesizer. Their music has always been an interesting combination of unconventional academics and pure sonic experimentation. On 10 May 2003 (25+ years on) founder David Borden, along with the present day incarnation of Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. returned to the reverberant space of St. Mary's church where this group helped set into motion Philadelphia's legacy of innovative music.

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Under the Dome hails from Scotland and consists of Grant Middleton on synths and Colin Anderson on guitar. Together they have released the albums: Demon Haunted World and Bellerophon and continue to perform live concerts of charged electronic spacemusic based on the Berlin-School model. Under the Dome made their USA debut and released their latest album Wot, No Colin? on 13 September 2003 at The Gatherings Concert Series.

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Under The Dome

Michael Stearns Michael Stearns made his east-coast concert debut in Philadelphia on 4 October 2003 at The Gatherings Concert Series. The concert included music drawn from Stearns' rich 25 year background in music and presented stunning video clips from his many film projects.

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Ministry of Inside ThingsTwo of the top locally based Electronic Spacemusic duos, The Ministry of Inside Things and Orbital Decay, co-headlined a special double bill at The Gatherings Concert Series on 15 November 2003. Orbital Decay performed live spacemusic along with self-produced video projections while The Ministry of Inside Things presented pieces from their new double live CD Everlasting Moment.

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Orbital Decay

Gatherings Concert Series Photos by Art Cohen and Bill Forcier