First Night Out Graphic

First Night Out


Bill Forcier


Dennis Haley

1 February 1997

The Bowlroom of Houston Hall
Philadelphia, PA

First Night Out featured live performances by individuals inspired by the music of the STAR'S END radio program and the Gatherings concert series, who yet did not have the opportunity to bring their music to an appreciative, understanding audience.

First Night Out on 1 February 1997 featured live performances by two such emerging artists: Bill Forcier and Dennis Haley.

Bill Forcier is a guitar and synthesizer composer from southern New Jersey. His music is based in the progressive rock of the '70s and '80s. Through his work as a guitarist with the bands Andromeda and Treated and Released, he gained exposure and experience in local clubs in the late '80s. During that time, his interest in the local electronic music scene created a new direction for his work. In 1991 Forcier created the piece "Ayer's Rock," which appeared on the Synkronos Music sampler Facets. That prompted local air play on STAR'S END, international exposure and critcal acclaim. In 1993 his piece "Daguerre Type" was released on the Electronic Dreams collection Dreamseeds out of Portland, OR. Bill Forcier
Dennis Haley After assembling his first synthesizer, Dennis Haley began his journey as an electronic musician by studying music and amassing an extensive collection of synthesizers. Since 1986 Haley has composed and recorded a number of original works. In 1995 he released the tape Seven Seconds After... which received positive reviews from Synthesis magazine and local airplay on STAR'S END. In 1996 Haley contributed "The Shard" to the anthology CD Electronic Music Project, which received international exposure and postive reviews. Haley takes the next step in his musical path, performing his first live concert of original compositions from the past ten years.
First Night Out was an event for those interested in the kind of music heard on the STAR'S END radio program and was a rare opportunity for the members of our diverse community of Spacemusic enthusiasts to support up-and-coming new talent from the scene. This kind of interaction has made the scene here in the Philadelphia area stronger.

First Night Out was held on 1 February 1997 in the Bowl Room of Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce Street on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

Photos and Reviews of this event are forthcoming. Thanks to everyone who came out!