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James Johnson


Baird Hersey's Prana

Live at

The Gatherings Concert Series

21 April 2001

St. Mary's Hamilton Village
Philadelphia, PA

James Johnson

James Johnson

James Johnson

Review: The Gathering with James Johnson and Baird Hersey's Prana (Johnson/Prana)

Roads taken.

Some old guy (now gone) who repeatedly and purposely lost himself in wilderness, once wrote concerning his idea of a path, describing his way.

"My trails always branched to the left and right, degenerated to a deer path, petered out to a squirrel track, ran up a tree, and ended in a knot hole."

Even a city becomes a wilderness. Tonight, spring fills its air and tree blossoms decorate the sidewalks and Penn students are everywhere. Frat houses are overflowing with party goers, drum and base resonating into the streets, mixing with sirens and horns, blaring.

Tonight's path escapes to St. Mary's.

And to Baird Hersey. And to his fine ensemble, called Prana. And to layered and peaceful harmonizing, all voice, all sublime. Four men and four women, each exploring an alternate course, overtones, meditations, silence, all blending, becoming one.

Then to James Johnson, whose personal path to our shrine represented a nonstop 24 hour journey, an offering, only to share his expressions of drifting ambiance, which penetratated a soft haze, revealing a road to peacefulness, to understanding, to remembering, to a wilderness, to our own personal sanctuary.

And, most of all, the road to friendship.

by soma611
As Posted to The Spacelist: Sun, 22 April 2001

James Johnson   James Johnson

James Johnson   James Johnson

James Johnson   James Johnson

Baird Hersey and PranaBaird Hersey and Prana
Baird Hersey and Prana...The combinations of the nine voices, each often producing several tones, was transporting, even disorienting, in a way I have rarely experienced. And for the technically curious among us, no, there was no processing of any kind applied to the singing. Just 5 microphones straight into the PA....

by Jeff Towne
As Posted to The Spacelist: Mon, 23 April 2001

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