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Richard Pinhas / Maurice Dantec

Live at

The Gathering

Friday, March 19th, 1999

St. Mary's Hamilton Village
3916 Locust Walk in Philadelphia, PA

Review Richard Pinhas and Maurice Dantec

I arrived a bit late, just after they started (ain't parking in Philadelphia fun?) Richard was building *very* heavy layers of electric guitar. It sounded like a cross between Fripp & Eno's "Evening Star" and Glenn Branca's "The Ascension". Bits of repeated melodies floated above powerful washes of low notes. Then Maurice began. He was reading excerpts from the works of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. His voice was processed through some kind of distortion and filter. Even though I know some french, I couldn't understand what he was saying. This may have been their intent, I don't know, but it definitely added to the overall effect. After a while, they brought it down a bit and Richard added cleaner tones on top. They were almost organ like and were fed into the same looping effects as the rest of the music.The power of the low notes returned and Maurice read some more. Richard brought us down with a slowly fading loop of single notes.

This wasn't enough for the audience, we called them back for an encore! They played another brief set before knocking off for the night. I examined Richard's rack after the show. Amazingly he only had two effect units and a pedal control board.

All throughout the show a film of images right out of Burning Man was shown. Fire, sperm, ova, explosions, ejaculation, wind, smoke and scenes from outer space were mingled and twisted together. I recognized shots from Nova's "Miracle of Life", "The World at War" and other science series. Lighting was kept minimal so as not to detract from the video.

In conclusion, a real trip!

By Andy Wing - As Posted to The Spacemusic List: Sun, 21 March 1999

Maurice Dantec and Richard Pinhas

Maurice Dantec and Richard Pinhas

Maurice Dantec and Richard Pinhas

Maurice Dantec and Richard Pinhas



In early-2000, a CD which includes a segment from the 19 March 1999
Richard Pinhas / Maurice Dantec concert at the Gathering was released.
The CD is named Schizotrope and includes one unspecified track from the performance.
Click on the cover for details on how to purchase this recording direct from the manufacturer (off-site).

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